The Good And The Bad Effects Of Changing Jobs

A person’s decision to change jobs can have both positive and negative effects on his or her own career. The impact may not be that easy to identify and quantify, so it is important that this decision is the result of careful planning and consideration to make sure that it is a beneficial one. If you think you are in a wrong place and doing the wrong thing, there is no reason for you to hesitate to change jobs. Besides, this has become a trend among workers in the modern workplace.

Before you submit your resignation to your current employer, you must weigh first the pros and cons of this decision. Take note of all the positive effects as well as the negative ones that you are expecting. Then take a moment to look at your list until you feel certain that the best thing to do now is changing jobs.

Pros and Cons of Job Change


  • One of the benefits of switching jobs is that you get the chance to do what you want to do. The sad truth is that there are many of us who are doing jobs they don’t really love and enjoy. Their main reason for keeping their occupations is financial. But if you change jobs at the right time, you may end up doing what you’re passionate about while making good money as well.
  • Another common reason for workers to change jobs is to find more opportunities for career advancement. These people are the ones who are not satisfied with what their employers are offering them, and they feel they deserve more. If you are on this side, your decision to quit and find another place of employment can be a life-changing decision on your part.


  • One bad effect of continuously switching jobs is to be regarded as a job hopper. While some modern employers don’t mind hiring applicants who have switched jobs several times in their career, there are still many companies that are more traditional in a sense that for them, job hopping means immaturity and lack of credibility. This isn’t what you want a potential employer to think of upon seeing in your resume that you have been to several companies already.
  • Once you have decided that job change is the best thing to do, you have to be ready to give up some of the benefits you are getting as an employee. For instance, switching jobs will cost you around 30 percent of your retirement fund if you cash it out. In this case, you may have to consult someone from the IRA about what you should do to keep your benefits. Aside from that, you are likely to lose the vacation time you may have accumulated in your previous company.

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